Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Being 60

The recent survey in the media about how women should NOT wear bikinis over the age of 47 prompted me to write... 
Well, THIS Bus Pass Babe won’t be hanging up her itsy bitsy bikini, or cutting her Repunzal length locks, or kicking off her thigh
 length boots, just because  being over 47 years, is the apparent watershed age for completely restyling one’s wardrobe.

As a young 60 myself, it really annoys me when the so called fashion experts try to influence or reproach the older female into  
 wearing dowdy unbecoming  clothes just because the a birth certificate supposedly dictates same.

Even  young women who can afford the luxury of couture clothes can still end up look a mess, which proves AGE has nothing to  
 do with looking good, fashion-wise. There was certainly some disillusionment at the recent Royal Wedding as to what was worn
 amongst the well-heeled congregation.

Back in the 1960’s Mary Quant made a small fortune with the revolutionary mini-skirt after decades of women covering

themselves up. Even the Queen wore shorter skirts… eventually. The Baby Boomers, such as myself simply don’t want to go back   

to the fashion dark ages, so we tend to shop in teenage orientated  New Look or Top Shop simply because there is a definite gap
 in the fashion market for women who have kept their figures and looks.

We do not need intimidating into chucking out favourite fashions items just because of our birthdates, otherwise we might as
well go back to wearing crinolines.

A woman can still  look a phenomenal stunner in a bikini whatever her age, as indeed Dame Helen Mirren at 62 proved. Long  
 hair should be judged by quality not age of the wearer.  Not shorn, cropped or hidden. Fashion in general should
enhance the figure and be stylish. It is a question of commonsense as to what is the last word in chic. But us over 47’s do not  
 want dictating to; a fashion revolution is in the making! If we want to do fashion cartwheels until we are 90 then we can and
 will! Granny shawls can become sarongs...This is me folks, in my bikinis....